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About Us


We seek to develop an ongoing ministry with the people and churches within the Baltimore Washington Conference. We to nurture, educate and equip individuals and churches to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.  To individuals, we offer learning experiences that teach about the ministry of the Holy Spirit who empowers us to pray, worship and to share our faith journey, carrying on the ministry of Jesus.

2 Hear God was born quickly, though we now realize the preparation took decades. It began in 2017 when three people shared the desire to encourage others to a deeper relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Father God. What began as a casual time of sharing over tea has increased to believers from other states and countries.

Several types of ministries are represented within the 2 Hear God; teachers, missionaries, lay ministers, worship leaders, administrators, and pastors. We share the focus of Wesleyan teaching and that of Aldersgate Renewal Ministries.

Initially, meetings were held in churches throughout the Baltimore/Washington area. In 2021 the ministry began reaching out with Family Fellowships using interactive video. We offer:

  • Family Fellowships Friday and Sunday Evenings as well as Saturday mornings!
  • Online video gatherings and teaching
  • Praise, Prayer and Worship services
  • Teaching at leadership events
We are ordinary people who have been touched by the Holy Spirit, accepted Jesus, received His healing and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. All that appears on this site has been created by folks sharing in 2 Hear God ministries. You will see and hear Cristal’s songs, Karen’s artwork, Norma’s teachings, Sherry’s scripture prayers as well


Core Group
Sherry Crockett: Sherry has walked with the Lord sincere 1972, He called her.  Recently, Sherry completed the Christian Life Coaching certificate, training in discipliship. Below, Sherry shares her Faith Walk.  
Where are you in your walk? Share your prayer request or testimony with 2 Hear God by emailing it to: 2HearGod@gmail.com. 
Ray Dudley: When Ray Dudley was a young man, he wanted to be closer to God. He went back to church and attended an adult Sunday School class in his local United Methodist Church. One Sunday, the lesson from Acts described the first believers being filled with the Holy Spirit. Ray remembers that day: "I was being drawn to God by something, but I never knew that it was the Holy Spirit. After class, when everybody had left I asked the teacher 'how do I get the Holy Spirit?' I have been growing in the Holy Spirit ever since." Aldersgate Renewal Ministries has been part of Ray's journey. 
Karen Webb: She found that most of her life she had placed herself in self-imposed prisons. Living in bondage to alcohol, low self-esteem, low-self-worth, unforgiveness she allowed the doubt and fear to define her life because she didn't have a personal relationship with Jesus. Karen has grown to recognize that personal relationship with Christ, all things are possible, even in the darkest times God is always present. Through prayer and meditation her relationship with Christ has brought healing and revelations about who she is not to the world, but to her Creator. Through his forgiveness she has been able to forgive others and more importantly forgive herself. Today rather than walking in humiliation, shame and insecurities she walks with confidence, humility and strength, by the power of Christ. Surrender came at a price, but the rewards remain priceless.  Karen shares her anointing with the Carenet ministry: http://carenetsomd.org

Cristal Saxon: Her mission is to be a willing and broken vessel displaying the glory of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, revealing their greatness, and continuously proclaiming how worthy God is of the limitless pursuit to know Him in all aspects of His being. Nothing else can satisfy like knowing Him and being known by Him. Visit Cristal's site for her music! http://www.facetofaceworshipministries.com
Each member of 2 Hear God pays for their own part of the ministry. This is NOT a 501C3 organization. Your support provides for internet services. Donate today.